A set of teachers plus a set of investors wanted to create a marketplace where professors and educational professionals alike can exchange lesson plans and information.  Having very little competition in this niche, with only one major player, we built an advanced multi-vendor marketplace for Teaching.Exchange.

Custom Software Development


Automated.Consulting was approached by a group of teachers who were looking to develop a platform that was more affordable than the existing solutions that were currently the standard.

The main issue with the solutions currently available to the market is that the marketplace takes more than half of the teacher’s pay when they sell  their material unless the educational professionals pay a subscription fee to lower the rate. This is not only discouraging and unacceptable to most professionals, however with limited options available, there is very little that anyone can do about it.

One of the biggest challenge was to make something that was user friendly, had most of the features that the other solution has, and provided a welcoming feel similar to large enterprise websites in order to help foster adoption.


Using our team of consultants, and our extensive network of programmers, Automated.Consulting put together a development plan, purchased the appropriate technology frameworks, and designed the layout to be as inviting as other online retail giants.

We put together the home page and entire multi-vendor platform with all configurations according to the specifications and aggregated the look and feel from several successful websites.

Once the development was complete, we provided several solutions for increasing users, vendors and transactions.  Automated.Consulting is already in talks with Teaching.Exchange about a follow up contract for continued Marketing & Server Management.


Project has been completed and turned over to the investors.  We will continue to monitor their success and report any findings.