As a new concept to the online chat service Discord, a group of investors looking for a completely automated SaaS approached Automated.Consulting about building a membership management platform for Millennials. The platform needed to be as autonomous as possible while providing maximum efficiency for the investors.

Custom Software Development


Automated.Consulting was approached by a new startup group who had an interest in a particular niche of the internet which used a fast growing software called Discord.

Discord is a chat client with voice and video capabilities. It initially hit the web in May 2015, and by December 2018, the application had over 200 million unique users. With applications on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and even in web browsers, Discord has recently dominated the market for chat clients. Although the application targets gamers as its primary demographic, Discord is a viable product for anybody with online video or voice calling needs.

The group of investors contracted Automated.Consulting to design the application from the ground up.  The SaaS needed to be easy to use, have a simple yet sophisticated web interface where people could easily figure out the controls without assistance or guidance.

Upgrade.Chat needed to interface with two APIs, a payment processor and Discord, the chat client.  It required complete automation to be as passive of an investment as possible for the investors.


Using our team of consultants, and our extensive network of programmers, Automated.Consulting put together a development plan, strategic timeline, and set the deliverable dates.  We outlined the steps needed for applying for the proper accounts on both the payment processing side as well as the application developer side for Discord.

We built the framework and did extensive prototype testing along with approved A/B public interface testing to ensure the deliverable items were consumer approved as well as technology advanced.

To get started, we used a Django Framework along with Node and several other packages to create a platform that was able to handle hundreds of thousands of requests per day.


After successful completion of the project, the Upgrade.Chat SaaS was approved by STRIPE (a fintech  payment processing company with an enterprise value of $35 billion) to become a verified partner. Upgrade.Chat’s verified partner listing can be viewed here:

Since the inception and creation of the project by Automated.Consulting for Upgrade.Chat in January of 2019, the project has processed over $1,000,000 as of 4/15/2020. The platform seems to be exponentially growing and partnering with other major platforms.