Why do I need Managed IT services?

Imagine never having to worry about your systems or if there’s an employee in the office to make sure everything is running correctly. Having all your IT services completely monitored and service is a quick phone call away. We handle every aspect of your IT service such as server maintenance, hardware, procurement, managing support, workstations, VMs, Virtualization, Cloud Solutions and more.

Why should my business migrate to the cloud?

Initial Cost Savings is a huge consideration. Instead of purchasing servers and having them in a data farm, use state of the art equipment for a monthly fee. Companies generally find it difficult to invest heavily in IT equipment given the amount of funds required for capital projects. With an increasing number of companies looking for integrated solutions as against the traditional silo applications approach, cloud serves as the best means by providing a common platform for integration to take place across a multitude of services such as infrastructure services, management, data, identity, and development. Additionally, Cloud computing allows companies to scale up or scale down the services implemented with great ease and flexibility eliminating the need to plan and acquire own infrastructure to cope with the sudden influx of demand.

Why do I need IT & Sales support?

Automated.Consulting works seamlessly with your existing IT staff to become the first line of technical support and sales assistance for your employees. We can handle your tier 1 tickets and any escalation of tickets are sent to your internal IT engineers. Our emote support help desk is a convenient, fast and professional way of augmenting your IT services. It will free you up from technical headaches and enable you to focus on your core competencies, supporting the growth of your company.  Additionally, handling inbound sales calls or providing support to your sales team will ensure they are focusing on bringing in new business as opposed to wasting time on operational issues.

Our robust, scalable and cost-effective ServiceDesk offering will handle issues and management related to printers, scanners, computers, mobile device management, VPN set-up, wireless network connectivity as an example.

Why should I automate workflow when it's someone's job?

Implementing an automation plan for your business helps you spot redundant activities within your organization that are taking up time and wasting productivity. The tracking capabilities of most workflow automation systems allow for the assigning of tasks and the monitoring of progress for a wide range of projects. Workflow automation delivers useful information on previous contact points and communications with your clients. This helps you avoid duplicated messages that could potentially overwhelm your customers.  Automating your billing process helps ensure on-time delivery for invoices and improves tracking for payments and communications. Prompt billing often results in faster payments by your clients and better cash flow for your business.

Do I really need a Cyber Security service?

YES! The past several years have witnessed an array of successful cyberattacks against some of the most prominent firms in the country. In the past two years alone, eBay, JP Morgan, Home Depot, and Target all suffered major breaches at the hands of cybercriminals. These breaches, which affected approximately 353 million customers collectively, were spectacular not only because of their size, but also because of the relentless pace at which they seemed to occur. Since the popular press tends to focus on attacks, like these, that target the largest firms, it can be easy to overlook the fact that Small Businesses are at even greater risk, and are far more vulnerable once they are victimized. In fact, for every high-profile breach, there are many more threats to confidential data held by local businesses. Small businesses don’t have the same tools to fight as the major corporations. Now is the time to secure your business.

How important is Social Media Marketing?

What kind of business are you engaged in? It doesn’t matter whether you are leading a multinational or you are making your baby steps with your startup or like me, you are involved in online marketing. There is something for everyone on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, and Pinterest. With a presence in most if not all social media sites, you are bound to increase your brand recognition. Conversions are quite important when dealing with social media sites. If you post something on social media it will reach your existing customers, new customers, and potential customers.

Do I need to be PCI compliant to accept Credit Cards?

PCI DSS is the global security standard for all entities that store, process, or transmit cardholder data and/or sensitive authentication data. PCI DSS sets a baseline level of protection for consumers and helps reduce fraud and data breaches across the entire payment ecosystem. It is applicable to any organization that accepts or processes payment cards. If you want to process credit cards, debit cards or anything that goes over the credit network, you need to either be PCI DSS compliant or use a company who has the compliance certificate.  We can help get you compliant or set up connections for you to be able to setup PCI direct credit card processing.

What if we already have an internal IT department?

No problem! We offer scalable solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a full package of managed IT services and consulting, security solutions or service desk support, we make it simple with an affordable and customized flat rate service plan. We can work in tandem with your existing team to make their job easier so they can focus on higher priority tasks.

How does a flat rate billing save me money?

Flat-rate billing gives you the ability to budget your IT expenses so you can better focus on your core business goals. We customize each service package for your unique business, so you only pay for what you need. Automated.Consulting serves as your “one stop shop” for all your managed IT services needs. And we do it all for one fixed monthly cost – We don’t bleed you for hours like most contractors or freelancers. With a flat rate, you know exactly what you are getting.

What types of systems do you support?

We pride ourselves on being “ecosystem agnostic”: whether you use Google Apps or Office365, Windows or Mac, Android or iOS, we will support your team.  Need to install a server onsite or host one virtually on Amazon or Azure? We will support you.  Need to transition from one ecosystem to another? From We’ll be there for you.  Check our full list of services to see what we can do for you.

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