Automated.Consulting helps companies optimize their marketing and sales strategy to drive profitable growth. We do this by drawing together insights from your customers, markets, business environments and internal organization. Then we model the economic implications of these insights and compare them with what’s working for other companies. From there, we work with management to embed change in the organization’s practices and processes. The result? Value-creating commercial strategy that is unique to your business — right down to individual products, programs and customer segments.

Many companies struggle with how best to understand, segment and prioritize customers — and how to optimize the economics, from both a provider and a customer perspective — leading to a “one size fits all” approach for allocating resources and investment. We rely on external research and rigorous quantitative analysis of sales data to inform customer groupings and determine the appropriate segments to pursue with the right value proposition.

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  • Social Media & Advertising

    People have the power. Your customers trust one another far more than they trust your brand. And trust in companies and organizations is at an all-time low. With organic reach in social becoming ever more elusive, the keys to success include unlocking customer and employee advocacy, and combining them with smart, paid placement. (Google AdWords & Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn)

    We will help you. We’ll work together to determine what your customers really want from you in social, where you’re exceeding those expectations, and where you may be falling short. We’ll evaluate your social media marketing versus your key competitors and determine where you inform and delight your customers and prospects.  See Social Media & Advertising Pricing.

  • Pricing Strategy

    Maximize overall profit while increasing margins and/or market share. Getting pricing right is one of the most critical commercial decisions for any business. It can lead to significant increases in top-line results; the bottom-line effect is even greater. Our approach allows you to develop the optimal initial pricing framework and sales incentives and to see ongoing benefits from an analytical pricing framework informed by customers, market conditions and the competitive environment.

  • Customer Experience (UX)

    This involves grasping customer needs across your portfolio of brands, products and businesses — and, through this, defining the important characteristics of customer experience. In return, see higher profitability and increased loyalty by focusing on strategies to address pain points and create customer advocacy. You’ll also improve your ability to serve targeted customer segments and develop differentiated customer experiences with high return on investment.

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  • Team Alignment

    To realize sales gains, sales & marketing processes need to align with the customer strategy and market model throughout the sales cycle.

  • Drivers & Comps

    Sales enablers, such as compensation scheme for the team, KPIs, systems and tools must also be established to ensure sales team success.

  • Weakness Finder

    We advise and support management teams on establishing the right infrastructure to root out sales productivity drains.



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  • Introduction

    We’ll ask you about your business, what your needs and goals are, and give you some ways in which we can solve your immediate and long term needs.

  • Customized Solution

    When we discover what your business really needs and how we can help, we will custom tailor a plan to fit your exact requirements.

  • Delivering Service

    Once we have outlined exactly how we can help, we will send over an agreement or SLA and start automating your business needs immediately.