We want to help clients nurture and enhance workforce skills, protect themselves against cyberattacks and regulatory violations, and maximize the return on their investment in organizational training with our coordinated partner programs.

Automated.Consulting will help your organization reduce human-related security incidents by educating your employees to recognize today’s cyber-attacks

Our partners and consultants can provide online workplace and sexual harassment training programs can protect your organization from such disastrous consequences, while fostering a positive work environment that’s free from harassment and discrimination based on gender, race, disability, or any other protected category.

Employees are any organization’s most valuable asset, but they are also its greatest vulnerability. A single slip of the tongue or careless action can inflict enormous organizational damage, including lost revenue, diminished reputation, and expensive litigation. We empower organizations to manage both organizational and people risks, by preempting issues before they become catastrophic.

  • Privacy Training

    From handling data, credit card data (PCI DSS) to general data protection and retention, we can help your employees become more privacy conscious. This not only helps your company by preventing potential breaches and data leaks, but helps prevent lawsuits.

  • Ransomware Training

    The tools that make today’s dynamic business world possible also make users increasingly vulnerable to hackers and cyber-criminals, who can implant malicious code — called malware — that steals personal information, empties bank accounts, and holds tech devices hostage. More than a million malware threats are created every day and when they’re used to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid, they’re considered ransomware.

  • Harassment Training

    A harassment claim is financially costly, bad for morale, and damaging to hard-won reputations. It is important to note that the US Supreme Court has stated that for a company to reduce its liability for harassment claims, it must train employees and supervisors, require employees to report incidents of harassment, thoroughly investigate all reports, and take corrective action when necessary. Workplace and sexual harassment training is therefore necessary for an affirmative defense.

  • Phishing Training

    Successful phishing campaigns are the number one cause for data breaches. Routinely running phishing simulations on your employees helps prepare them to be your first line of defense and is a key part of any effective security awareness program. This is why we take this training seriously and provide sophisticated simulations to this type of attack to find weak points in your staff.

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  • Handbooks

    We can create and provide employee handbooks for your company and have them custom tailored to your needs. Let us create the guide you want.

  • Educate

    Our training and development will educate your workforce to make sure they fully understand the requirements of your company and industry.

  • Schedule

    We make it convenient for your business to schedule training for your staff by providing online training and in person courses on demand



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    We’ll ask you about your business, what your needs and goals are, and give you some ways in which we can solve your immediate and long term needs.

  • Customized Solution

    When we discover what your business really needs and how we can help, we will custom tailor a plan to fit your exact requirements.

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